Monday, October 06, 2008

Debra Linker - An Artist's Way

Long ago and far away, there was a band of roving gypsies….

Uh, oh, there I go again listening to those voices in my head!

Thanks to Debra Linker, a dear Etsy friend, who has agreed to be my guinea pig for my first blog interview! Please visit her extraordinary shop at

Debra grew up in Dallas, Texas and moved to Seattle about fourteen years ago, following a technical career path. Hers is a story of the left brain finally finding its right counterpart, a balance that was to change her direction in life toward a new identity: that of an artist.

“Growing up,” Debra says, “I was not even remotely interested in artistic endeavors.”

Then, one day, a good friend suggested she “should paint.” Out of the blue!

“I immediately disregarded it!”

But husband Bruce saw something in the possibilities. Curious to see what she was harboring, he took her shopping for art supplies.

Then, another friend recommended she read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Within days, she was attending a workshop based on the book. People were urging her to paint, cheering her along the way. She took lessons. She started exhibiting in a friend’s shop. A chain of events, a series of synchronicities….

Like Cinderella at the ball, she found that she had, indeed, been an artist all along.

Enter Etsy, a creative community where Debra could further foster her creative forces while being surrounded by like minds. And where she could actually SELL her works and be supported by others who were creating businesses out of their creations.

“I am daily inspired by the scenery, the nature, and the art community” in Seattle. “I live in a well-groomed evergreen forested area and there is no lack of subject matter for any of my art ‘phases.’”

“For the first time in my life, I am finding a desire to express social and political views that I have previously kept pretty much to myself. An example of this is the recent completion of ‘Viridis.’”

Her technique is as simple as it is difficult.

“I simply just start putting paint on the canvas – any paint, any color -- and, before long, I have the next stroke, and the next, and soon, I have another painting.”

And what does she see in her future? What defines success?

“Being able to paint another day; to have the materials, the time, and the ability to just paint another day…that would be my definition of success.”

To learn more about Debra and to see more of her beautiful work, please visit:

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