Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bandit, My Dear, Sweet Canine Friend... home.

A little piece of him is missing, right below his right shoulder. It was an interloper, an unwelcome guest. It was cancer -- technically a mast cell tumor.

My old guy is back at his post, under my office chair. He's a little out of it. He has a Frankenstein scar the length of my hand to show for his long, hard day. But with the help of Fruit of the Loom, and some major painkillers, he is looking quite cozy.

I wish I could hold on to him forever, but I know I can't. It is part of life, this death thing. We all succumb and my dear canine is no exception. I am sure he has been around before, though, as he has been my angel for so long and will probably follow me elsewhere, in another form, as another being.

He looks up with his big brown eyes. He knows. We've saved him once again.

And he is grateful.


Dorana said...

Candice - he's beautiful! i'm so happy that he's home and that you get to share some more precious time with him. I got the love of my life my freshman year in college and my world won't be complete without him. Lance my beloved yellow lab turned 13 this summer and although he is in good shape we've had to make some tough decisions about his tumor-like growths, and his arthritis, and his chronic infections... until this past summer i've never been close to anything or anyone that has ever died before... i know that's a crazy thing to say being a 30 year old woman, but it just hadnt happened. when i lost my dear friend tom to a drunk driver i had never imagined the pain of a loss.

i know my time with lance is precious - it's so amazing what an amazing gift a pet is - the unconditional love and trust.

know that we are here to love and support you and Bandit for every day we have you in our lives.

siempre - dorana

Jenni said...

What a beautiful dog, and what a beautiful post.

I'm so glad your dog is saved.

Nicki Leigh said...

He's a lovely dog Candice! I absolutely adore him! What a wonderful use of fruit of the loom too ;)

You have your companion back to keep you company.