Wednesday, March 11, 2009


As a two-dimensional-artist-turned-three-dimensional-artist, I am coming full circle. It is never wise to get too comfortable so I am stretching myself once again. My new adventure is mixed media, acrylic, encaustic and collage. Not sure what will come of it. I am also renewing my love of the horse in my painting and may soon consider selling, although I don't seem to be as productive a painter as I am a potter. This piece was created in a class with a world renowned equine painter who hovered over my painting, claiming the eye "disturbed" him, grabbed my brush and proceeded to totally screw it up! I managed to fix it but Mr. Painter never came near me again for the rest of the class. Wise move on his part!


Emily said...

Hooray for the stretch!!! Good for you — and lovely work! I'm appalled by the fact that the instructor would've touched your canvas; I've NEVER heard of that. But you brought him back, and I can't wait to see more :)

Anonymous said...

Your painting is beautiful! I love horses too and find them inspiring. Oh and I'm glad to hear he didn't come near you again, that story would have a totally different ending!

Great job!