Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Dawn

The morning is hushed, my favorite time before the sun rises over the horizon. No one else is up. This is my time to take stock of my life, what I am grateful for, what I still have concerns about, how far I have come. A new optimism is taking hold, between a new administration in the White House, a new home, my children becoming fine adults before my eyes. I often find myself getting stuck in the sticky wicket of doubt. How do I deserve this? What if I lose it all? It is a constant struggle to lead myself gently back to the knowledge that it is all part of my story, the story that feeds my greater knowledge each day. Most times it is a happy one, sometimes sad, sometimes angry. But always with my greater good as the outcome.

Someone posed a question on Twitter yesterday "If you couldn't be yourself, who would you be?" How do you explain to someone that you are right where you want to be, that if you were someone else, you would be subject to a whole new set of rules set up for someone else, the good, bad and ugly? I mentioned I loved my quiet anonymity and she seemed surprised that I love that part of my life. After all, this was Twitter and weren't we all "peddling our goods" in some fashion? But the quietness is part of what I love about my life. In the quiet is my connection to everything I need, my source. It is where I go for instruction and guidance. And I can think of no other life I would rather live. I have my creativity, my health, my loved ones and beautiful surroundings. And foremost, I have my quiet guidance, always there to place me back on the path. I know of no other life I would rather have.

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Debra Linker said...

In your quiet anonymity, you are my hero.